Our Awesome Local Artists & Artisans


The following artists are primarily Potters, although they may also delve into other areas. Please check out their Facebook pages or websites to learn more!

Kim and Pete McWhirter
Kim and Pete McWhirterPottery
McWhirter Pottery

Website : McWhirter Pottery
Garold Amsberry
Garold AmsberryPottery
Lynda Gayle Banner
Lynda Gayle BannerPottery
Little Blackberry Creek Pottery
Morgan Hoover
Morgan HooverPottery
Little Blackberry Creek Pottery
Shane Mickey
Shane MickeyPottery
Shane Mickey Pottery
Joy Bennett
Joy BennettPottery
The Lace Toadstool

Website : The Lace Toadstool
John Britt
John BrittPottery
John Britt Pottery

Website : John Britt Pottery
JR and Kristen Page
JR and Kristen PagePottery
Page Pottery

Website : Page Pottery
Joy Tanner
Joy TannerPottery
Wood Song Pottery

Website : Wood Song Pottery
David Ross
David RossPottery
Snow Creek Pottery
Michael Rutkowsky
Michael RutkowskyPottery
Pond Branch Pottery

Website : Pond Branch Pottery
Maggie and Freeman Jones
Maggie and Freeman JonesPottery[email protected]
Turtle Island Pottery

Website : Turtle Island Pottery
Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky
Ruth Fischer RutkowskyPottery
Just Bee Clay Art

Website : Just Bee Clay Art
Yaffa Todd
Yaffa ToddPottery
Yaffa Todd Ceramics

Website : Yaffa Todd Ceramics
Doc Welty
Doc WeltyPottery
The Pottery

Website : The Pottery
Robbie Bell
Robbie BellPottery
Speckled Dog Pottery

Website : Speckled Dog Pottery
Linda Powell
Linda PowellPottery
High Country Cermaic Arts
Bridget Fox
Bridget FoxPottery[email protected]

Website : Mudventions
Tria Turrou
Tria TurrouPottery
Tria Turrou Studios

Website : Tria Turrou Studios
Hannah Levin
Hannah LevinPottery
Hannah Levin Pottery
Carrie DeVee
Carrie DeVeePottery
Blue View Pottery
Kari Weaver
Kari WeaverPottery
Singing Tree Pottery

Website : Singing Tree Pottery

Jewelry & More

The following artists & artisans create some of the finest jewelry and other decorative & wearable art in Western North Carolina. Check out their works on their websites & Facebook or other pages!

Lucky Dog Studios
Lucky Dog StudiosJewelry
Lucky Dog Studios

Buzz Coren
Buzz CorenJewelry

Website : Featherwood
Barbara McGuire
Barbara McGuireJewelry/Paintings
Barbara McGuire Jewelry

Website : Barbara McGuire Jewelry
Jen Aly
Jen AlyJewelry
Jen Aly Designs

Website : Jen Aly Designs
Paula Brannock
Paula BrannockJewelry
Creative Eddy
Randy Davis
Randy DavisJewelry
Baldwin Lace

Website : Baldwin Lace
Detrina Kofroth
Detrina KofrothJewelry
The Alluring Bead Boutique

Website : The Alluring Bead Boutique
Jem Klein
Jem KleinWood jewelry/barettes/home items
Jem Klein

Website : Jem Klein

Painting & Photography

The following artists principally work with printed and graphic media. Photography, Paintings, Drawings and graphic designs are what it's all about. Check out their links to see & learn more!

Stephanie Thomas Berry
Stephanie Thomas BerryDrawings
Stephanie Thomas Berry

Website : Stephanie Thomas Berry
Richard Kennedy
Richard KennedyPhotography
RK Journeyman
Steve Buettner
Steve BuettnerPhotography
Steve Buettner Photography

Website : Steve Buettner Photography
Barbara Kahn
Barbara KahnPaintings
Barbara Kahn Fine Arts

Website: Barbara Kahn Fine Arts
Forrest Johnson
Forrest JohnsonCards/Jewelry
Forrest Johnson Painter

Website : Forrest Johnson Painter
Kim Attwooll
Kim AttwoollCards
Kim Attwooll

Website : Kim Attwooll
Sheri Howe
Sheri HowePaintings/Prints
Sheri Howe

Debbie Littledeer
Debbie LittledeerPrints
Debbie Littledeer

Website : Debbie Littledeer
koreloy mcwhirter
koreloy mcwhirterCards
koreloy mcwhirter

Website : koreloy mcwhirter
David McRary
David McRaryPhotography
David McRary Photography

Website : David McRary Photography
Kat Turczyn
Kat TurczynPaintings
Kat's Flat Art

Website : Kat's Flat Art
Louise Grenell
Louise GrenellHand Woven Rugs[email protected]

Website :
Francine D'Antuono
Francine D'AntuonoPaintings
Fernwood Designs Art Studio

Website : Fernwood Designs Art Studio
Jane Voorhees
Jane VoorheesCards
Jane Voorhees

Website : Jane Voorhees
Melanie Restall
Melanie RestallWood jewelry
Melanie's Meadow
Heidi Meadows
Heidi MeadowsPainting
Heidi Meadows
Back Porch Glass
Back Porch GlassGlass Ornaments & Chimes
Back Porch Glass
Rob Levin
Rob LevinBlown Glass Ornaments
Rob Levin

Website : Rob Levin
Jeff and Yaffa Todd
Jeff and Yaffa ToddBlown Glass
Jeff and Yaffa Todd

Website : Jeff and Yaffa Todd
William and Katherine Bernstein
William and Katherine BernsteinBlown Glass
Bernstein Glass

Website : Bernstein Glass
828 Beer Soap Company
828 Beer Soap CompanyCraft Soap
Juliet Matthews & Laura Weas

Website :
Lorin Purifoy
Lorin PurifoyFlower Essences[email protected]
Purifoy Flower Essences

Website : Purifoy Flower Essences
C. R. 'Pap Pap' Troxell
C. R. 'Pap Pap' TroxellPaintings

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